Headspace Guide to Mindfulness & Meditation – Andy Puddicombe

In this article I will share my thoughts on the book “The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness” by Andy Puddicombe. I also an active user of the headspace service and make the daily investment of 10 minutes a day to meditate.

The Headspace Guide was listed by Bill Gates in the article “5 summer books and other things to do at home” on gatesnotes.com Summer Books for 2020.

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Renpho Smart Scale syncs metrics via Fitbit API to TrainingPeaks

In this article I will review the Renpho Smart Scale the syncs my weight and other metrics to TrainingPeaks with help of Fitbit. Fitbit has excellent API’s so it acts as a platform gateway to TrainingPeaks.

So this gives you a cost effective and simple 3-step solution to get weight metrics automatically in TrainingPeaks, instead of manually entering your weight.

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Microsoft Planner – Install as app on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Planner on Office 365 is one of the task and planning tools available for enterprise customers with a Microsoft 365 of Office 365 subscription.

Some people complain that it is just available as a web application in the browser. Microsoft Edge could do the trick and close the gap.

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Focus Mode and Digital Wellbeing on Google Android 10 – Managing distractions

In this article I will briefly share the use of Focus Mode and Digital Wellbeing on Google Android 10, a marginal gain when it comes to increasing your productivity. In the highly connected world with a dozen of communication channels it is easy to become distracted, which is killing for your productivity.

Luckily the distracting technology can also work in our advantage with help of Focus Mode on Google Android 10 and Focus Assist on Windows 10.

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