Fusion Urban Pants Review (for men)

In this article I will share my Fusion Urban Pants review (for men), a product that is less aligned with the focus area of this blog, but I think it is such a cool and high quality product that it deserves an article.

Fusion Sportswear System is a Danish company founded in 1999 (with roots in triathlon) is delivering timeless and high quality sports wear into the market across the categories: Run, Cycle, Triathlon, Fitness and Recharge.

Fusion Sportswear Urban Pants - 9491

Fusion Urban Pants – Style meets Stamina

The Urban Pants are part of the “recharge category” (or collection). On the Fusion product page for the Urban Pants you can read the following description in which you see comfort and performance being brought together:

Urban Pants combine our years of technical knowledge and experience from hard endurance sports with the simplicity and timelessness of traditional pants. Among other things, this has resulted in a tailored fit, unlimited stretch and shape retention that lasts all day and over time.

To be fair this is the core essence of the Urban Pants from Fusion Sportswear. It is the perfect blend of jogging pants and suite trousers, providing me with a lot of comfort even on a long distance flight. This has been one of the main drivers for purchasing the Fusion Urban Pants: travelling in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Details picture from Fusion Sportswear website

However the below details and materials basically show how well designed and engineered the Fusion products are:

Urban Pants Details and materials
  • Actively wicking sweat
  • Small elastic inner pocket for e.g. a mobile phone in the right pocket
  • Elastic band with integrated draw-cord for an individual fit
  • Fusion Powerlock: hem reinforcements on seams
  • Fabric produced in Denmark
  • Made in Fusion’s own workshop in Lithuania
  • STANDARD 100 OEKO-TEX® certified product; This means that all components, such as fabrics, yarn, transfers, zippers, elastic, labels, etc., have been tested and approved according to the standard and therefore do not contain any harmful substances. FUSION certificate number: 20170K1267 AITEX
  • Material: 76% Polyamide, 24% Elastane

The fabric feels thicker than standard jogging pants, and even thicker and different than my suit trousers. At first I though why I need a drawcord (like traditional jogging pants), but in practice I stick to the routine of simply knotting it, despite a perfect fitting elastic band.

I don’t think that the small elastic inner pocket will fit the 2024 mobile phones, but it is a nice design detail that underlines the engineering and design focus to a pant like this. Summarizing it just feels quality, but extremely comfortable to wear.

With a length 1.82 m. and a bodyweight of +/- 70 kg. I have a skinny body composition. I’m using a size S X-long (size S with extra long trouser legs, which is perfectly aligned with the calculator on the Fusion website).

Fusion Sportswear Urban Pants - 9493 -rev01

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

My girlfriend is using Fusion Sportswear running clothing for quite some time, but the Fusion Urban Pants are my first product from Fusion. And I’m impressed with the design, the quality and the vision the Danish company had while designing it.

Urban Pants are your ‘competition’ pants, designed to perform when eyes are on you outside of sport – and Fusion’s forward-thinking take on the traditional pants. We have brought class and comfort together in an ultimate everyday pant that offers you the best conditions to feel comfortable in representative situations.

Mens Urban Pants (fusionworld.com)

If there is one thing to mention, than it is the price point of € 130,00. At first this might sound expensive for a “jogging pants” -and fairly speaking I had some doubts myself- but when you experience the quality and comfort first hand, it feels much more like a reasonable price point. I’m confident the Fusion Urban Pants will last for a long time (even after intensive use).

I’m an active cyclist for many many years (running my own website cycling-review.net) and I’m looking forward to get my hands on some products from the cycling collection.

Finally a great many thanks for the staff of local reseller Ivo’s Sportshop for the great advice and ordering the Fusion Urban Pants very fast and convenient ! Also a place where you can get great advice for running and hiking shoes (the Hanwag Alverstone (II) GTX were also coming from these knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff members.)

About Ivo’s Sportshop

Ivo’s Sportshop stands for quality, service and expertise.

Ivo’s Sportshop offer service, personal advice and quality brands for everyone. The store has an extensive range for anyone who loves the outdoors, sports and travel. We also offer casual wear and shoes, fan merchandise and other product groups. The customer always comes first and our passionate and experienced employees pull out all the stops to give good, appropriate advice.

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