Office Scripts in Excel – Power Automate your Spreadsheet

Office Scripts in Excel is a new feature in Office365 that allows your to Power Automate complex spreadsheet calculations that normally would require a VB script.

Robert Sep, one of the founders of The Qoders Community, shared an update in his LinkedIn feed on Office Scripts that caught my attention.

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Mural – Digital workspace for Agile Scrum Teams and Business Model Innovation

In this article I will briefly share my experiences with MURAL, a versatile visual collaboration tool for teams. I will also try to compare MURAL with Microsoft Whiteboard app for Office 365, that provides also simple visual collaboration features. MURAL and Microsoft have partnered for quite some time, so you can see various integrations in het Microsoft product stack.

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Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Bluetooth keyboard stands out because of the curved ergonomic design, that follows the natural angle of your arms and wrists. This should provide more comfort during long use of the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Bluetooth keyboard.

In the following sections I will discuss my experiences with the Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Bluetooth keyboard and highlight some of the hardware features that I like.

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The Disruption Mindset – Charlene Li

In this article I will review The Disruption Mindset which is the latest book from Charlene Li. While in the field of open innovation the term disruption is a common term I was pretty excited to learn how a disruptive mindset and a disruptive company culture can be developed.

So I will start by going through the book structure and highlight a couple of sections and paragraphs that were most exciting or relevant to my in my current state of personal- and professional development.

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Sebastiaan Hooft – APK voor ondernemers

APK voor ondernemers is the latest book of Sebastiaan Hooft, a highly successful dutch serial entrepreneur, DJ and producer. The book is aimed at entrepreneurs and written in Dutch, so it’s funny to see a book review in English from a non-entrepreneur. 🙂

APK voor ondernemers” has some valuable life lessons and has useful takeaways for every professional, who is trying to balance the various roles in work- and personal life.

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Forever Employable – Jeff Gothelf

In this article I will review the book Forever Employable from Jeff Gothelf, with subtitle “How to stop looking for work and let your next job find you.”

Furthermore I will share complementary info about the Strategyzer webinar Forever Employable: How To Make Your Career Invincible’ with Alex Osterwalder and the Forever Employable Stories on Jeff’s Blog.

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