Fusion Urban Pants Review (for men)

In this article I will share my Fusion Urban Pants review (for men), a product that is less aligned with the focus area of this blog, but I think it is such a cool and high quality product that it deserves an article.

Fusion Sportswear System is a Danish company founded in 1999 (with roots in triathlon) is delivering timeless and high quality sports wear into the market across the categories: Run, Cycle, Triathlon, Fitness and Recharge.

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Solestar Active – Performance Insoles for Everyday Life

In this article I will review the Solestar Active Performance Insoles for everyday (active) life. The Solestar Active Performance Insoles are the best friends of the Mammut Sertig II Low GTX shoes for men.

I’m a huge fan of Solestar performance insoles. It started back in 2015 when I purchased my first pair of Sidi Wire SP road cycling shoes.

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Daughter of the Cloud – Alden Globe

Daughter of the cloud – a maps private value thriller is the latest book of Alden Globe. Alden Globe is a colleague value engineer based in the USA, but we’ve worked together on multiple projects and initiatives at BMC Software. That’s why I was fortunate review an early manuscript and contribute to the book writing process.

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The 6 Habits of Growth – Audible Book of Brendon Burchard

In this article I will review the 6 habits of growth audible book of Brendon Burchard. However, I won’t spoil all the details that Brendon shares around the growth habits motivation, focus, confidence, energy, purpose and leadership.

In addition, I will try to link this audible book with the learnings from High Performance Habits.

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The Secret of Running – Van Megen & Van Dijk

In this article I will review the book The Secret of Running, a book from Ron van Megen and Hans van Dijk. Both authors are engineers by profession and enthusiastic sportsmen.

These authors also wrote The Secret of Cycling and two interesting book in Dutch “Het Geheim van Wielrennen” and “Hardlopen met Power!” that discuss training methodology and scientific models which estimate performance for cycling and running.

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Gallup Team Strengths Grid

In this article I will write down my views and learnings on the Gallup Team Strengths Grid (which was previously called the CliftonStrengths Team Grid). It is a visual tool that combines the Gallup Strengthsfinder 2.0 results of each team member, and show the distribution of talent and strengths, as well as the balance within the team.

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FitCEO Be the leader of your life. Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Lillian So

In this article I will review the book FitCEO Be the leader of your life, the latest book from Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann and Lillian So. I was fortunate to speak with Rebecca and reflect on the book and my High Performance Habits Coaching results.

So let’s have a look at the book and how I’ve used it.

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