Solestar Active – Performance Insoles for Everyday Life

In this article I will review the Solestar Active Performance Insoles for everyday (active) life. The Solestar Active Performance Insoles are the best friends of the Mammut Sertig II Low GTX shoes for men.

I’m a huge fan of Solestar performance insoles. It started back in 2015 when I purchased my first pair of Sidi Wire SP road cycling shoes.

Solestar Active Performance Insoles - 9396

Key features of Solestar Active Insoles

On the product page of the Solestar Active insoles one can read the following description:

The Solestar Active Insoles are the perfect companion for the whole day. Due to the low weight, the stabilizing elements and the cushioning properties, […] Solestar offers you the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. The Solestar Active Insoles prevent fatigue, protect against discomfort and increase the comfort of your shoes. Even in everyday life, the feet are constantly stressed and challenged.

In other words, the Solestar Active Insoles are:

  • Featherlight: 60 g/pair in size 42 and very thin at just 3 mm
  • Well-being for the whole day
  • Stabilizing design reduces foot fatigue
  • Orthopedic effect prevents discomfort
  • Makes every shoe your perfect fit companion
Solestar Active Performance Insoles - 9394

The Stabilization Delta also for Active Lifestyle

What I personally feel most is the stabilization delta that basically locks your foot into a neutral and firm position. While I don’t have any foot or stabilization issues (confirmed during a recent bike fitting) I will not do any sports or exercise related activity without the Solestar Performance Insoles.

Road CyclingSidi Wire SP (2017 model)Solestar Kontrol BLK
Mountain BikingSidi Drako 2 SRS Carbon Matt Mountain Bike shoesSolestar Kontrol (winter edition)
RunningAsics Gel Kayano 27 (2020 model)Solestar Neutral Run
HikingHanwag Alverstone II GTXSolestar Neutral Hike
HikingHanwag Alverstone GTXSolestar Neutral Hike
Road CyclingSidi Wire SP (2015 model)Solestar Kontrol 2
LifestyleMammut Sertig II Low GTX MenSolestar Active – Performance Insoles for Everyday Life

The surface material of the Solestar Active insoles is different from the Solestar Kontrol insoles, as well as from the Solestar Neutral Hike- and Neutral Run insoles.

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

I’ve purchased the Solstar Active and the Solestar Kontrol 2 Performance insoles during the black friday weekend in 2023 with some extra discount. The current price-point for the Solestar Active insoles is € 25,00 which is reasonable for the additional comfort it provides to me.

Also note that the Solestar Active insoles are the cheapest Solestar Insoles offered ! I think it is a strategic cool move of Solestar to move even more into the broader public and out of some specific sports niches. However the foundational ergonomic research from the expensive insoles can also be found in the latest Active insoles.

  • Have you heard before about Solestar Performance Insoles ?
  • Do you use Insoles for on of the sports listed in the table ?
  • If yes which insoles do you use and why ?

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  1. Love my Solestar Active insoles. Use them every day in all of my sneakers.
    Also been using Solestar KONTROL and BLK in all my cycling shoes since forever.


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