Kingston DataTraveler SE9 16GB review

In this article I will have a look at the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 16GB, which I've used with both the Freekey key chain and the Keysmart Extended 2.0. I've reviewed the Keysmart Extended 2.0 not that long ago. I like to keep some important information on a Bitlocker To Go encrypted USB drive, but unfortunately the plastic back-part  of the Transcend JetFlash T3 USB Drive broke. … [Read more...]

Business Model You – Tim Clark

Business Model You, a book from Tim Clark, has the subtitle "a one-page method for reinventing your career". The personal business model canvas is the central model of the book, which is based upon the Business Model Canvas. Tim Clark provides a four-stage methodology to innovate your personal business model (canvas) and provides lots of practical examples in the book. So let's have a look at the overall structure of the book, deep-dive into the personal business model canvas and zoom-in on the … [Read more...]

Fix It Sticks Replaceable Tire Levers

The Fix it Sticks Replaceable Edition will be reviewed in this article, just as the Tire Lever set that was released by Brian Davis and his team around December 2016. The tire levers are specifically designed for Fix it Sticks Replaceable Edition and can be placed on the end of Fix it Sticks instead of a 1/4" bit. I will compare the replaceables with the Fix It Sticks T-Way wrench and the Fix It Sticks Tire Levers with my Tacx Mini Tyre levers T4885. … [Read more...]

Carbonice Stummer Eugen chaincatcher

In this article I will share my thoughts on the Carbonice Stummer Eugen chain catcher and compare it with the Canyon chain catcher that I've used over the past couple of years. Both chain catchers differ significantly in used material, assembly on your road bike and for the weightweenies among us the chain catcher weight. … [Read more...]

Aspiring Advisor Book Review – Moritz Dressel

Moritz Dressel, a former Business Administration classmate from University of Twente, wrote the book Aspiring Advisor based on his experience as a management consultant within Deloitte. I was fortunate that Moritz was willing to sent me a copy of his book. The Aspiring Advisor's subtitle is "strategies and tools for a successful consulting career" and I was really curious what leanings Moritz would provide, given the fact that we've both work for large multinational (consulting) companies. … [Read more...]

Design a Better Business – Book review

Design a Better Business is the result of a hunderd-day-race of Patrick van der Pijl from Business Models Inc, Justin Lokitz from Business Models San Francisco and  Lisa Kay Solomon co-author of the bestseller Moments of Impact. Designers Maarten van Lieshout and  Erik van der Pluijm completed the Design a Better Business (book)team. Based on the design thinking model (double loop) various must-have tools, skills and case studies are discussed for each phase in the model. So let's dive into the … [Read more...]

Banjo Brothers Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet

I will test the Banjo Brothers Jersey Pocket Cycling Wallet in this article. A fellow cycling friend tipped me on this great product when I published the Waterfield Club Cycling Pouch review a little while ago. So I'll give you my thoughts and first hand experiences with this cycling wallet. … [Read more...]

Process Model Canvas – Marco Bijl, James P. Devlin and David Ruting

The Process Model Canvas is developed by Marco Bijl, James P. Devlin and David Ruting and is complementary to Alexander Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas. The Process Model Canvas will help you define the operating model that needs to be adopted, but HOW do you do that? … [Read more...]