Club Cycling Pouch review

In this article I will test the Waterfield Club Cycling Pouch, a vertically oriented pouch designed with ELEVEN vélo that is optimized for packing cycling tools and phone in your back jersey pocket with minimal bulk. Protecting your smartphone during rainy conditions in spring, fall and winter is key. Furthermore you want to take some essential tools, cash and a spare home key with you on the road. Lets find out if the Waterfield Club Cycling Pouch can pack it all in a clever way that keeps … [Read more...]

Cerabike Wax Lube

Cerabike Wax Lube is a fairly unknown lube, compared to the big brands like Muc-Off, Rock 'n Roll, Pedros, Finish Line, Squirt or Morgan Blue. A fellow cycling friend from the Nordics pointed me to Cerabike Wax Lube, a product for both dry and wet conditions, available via Decathlon and Amazon. Very unique is the combination of PTFE, graphite and ceramics in the Cerabike Wax Lube. Also the fact that its suited for both dry and wet conditions raised my attention. There are not a lot of (english) … [Read more...]

PB Swiss BikeTool and 470 Adapter

The PB Swiss BikeTool is a clever designed multi-tool for on the go, and I will compare it with my Lezyne V10 multi tool. The PB Swiss Tools 470.M Adapter is part of this 1/4" bit based BikeTool. The adapter is 1/4" bit holder that can be used in combination with a 5 mm. hex/allen key. Furthermore I will share my thoughts on why every home mechanic should have the PB 470.M Adapter and a set of PB Swiss Tools allen keys. … [Read more...]

Waterfield Dash Sleeve for Surface Pro

Waterfield Dash Sleeve is my newest protection purchase for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which I take more and more with me on my commute. I have been a huge fan of the Waterfield Sleevecase over the past years, and mostly the cases  outlives the device that it was intended for. The Waterfield Dash Sleeve is a new and lightweight sleeve that builds upon the refined and well thought-out design of the Waterfield Sleevecase. In this article I will share my thoughts after a few weeks of intensive … [Read more...]

Wheelsmfg FIX-BOLT-1 for Shimano Dura Ace 9000

Sometimes small details on your road bike make a big difference. The Wheelsmfg FIX-BOLT-1 replaces the black plastic crank arm fixing bolt for Shimano Dura Ace 9000 with a grey anodized  6061 aluminium version. The Wheels Manufacturing crank fixing bolt is compatible with other Shimano HollowTech II crank-sets as well. In this article I will briefly look at the design and compare it with the original Shimano crank fixing bolt. … [Read more...]

Wahoo Tickr X review – Heart Rate Monitor with Motion Analytics

The Wahoo Tickr X is a heart rate sensor that was used by team Sky in the recent Tour de France 2016 stages (in the Pyrenees, the  jerseys are wide open). The Tickr X is Wahoo's flagship heart rate monitor featuring dual band ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless capabilities. The build-in memory can record up to 16 hours of training. The Wahoo Tickr X can be connected to almost every iPhone or Android smartphone, but also a wide range of tablets and ANT+ enabled devices like for example cycling … [Read more...]

Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System review

A Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System is my newest cycling gadget for the 2016 season. I've purchased a Pioneer Dura Ace 9000 Single Leg Power Meter model SGY-PM910HL and combined it with the Pioneer SGX-CA500 cycle computer. This Pioneer Pedaling Monitor System provides rich measurement of force and force-direction every 30 degrees (12 times per revolution) and calculates the HDpower metrics like pedaling efficiency. I can upgrade to a dual leg power meter system at a later point in time to match … [Read more...]

C-Bear Bottom Bracket for BB86/BB92

C-Bear is the official sponsor of the Lotto Soudal cycling Team since 2009, providing riders like Andre Greipel and Thomas De Gendt with ceramic bottom brackets and -derailleur pulleys. If a C-Bear bottom bracket is good enough to withstand the Gorilla's power peaks during sprints, than it is certainly good enough for me. … [Read more...]