Personal Development

This page is dedicated to Personal Development and Personal Growth posts, book reviews, assessments and other tools that I’ve personally used during my (professional) life.

It is a steadily growing overview, since I like to put more emphasis on this topic.

Personal Development

What is Personal Development ?

“Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential.”

I’ve chosen to quote the definition from the skills you need website, because it covers the essence for me. First it is a process that never stops from a young child where expand your world with help of your parents, attend a decent school,  get a degree and start your professional career. There you will build the habits, skills and necessary experience to go into the second half of your life, as your responsibility in life grows (and you mature yourself).

Articles and blogposts

This section provides an overview of articles published in this blog that are highly interesting when it comes to personal development. Managing Oneself from Peter Drucker is an absolute must read and has been published on Harvard Business Review.

Book Reviews on Personal Development

My book shelf has way to many books on it. I still own the books from university, but purchased a lot of books when I started to work at Microsoft Netherlands and put more focus on professional development. One of my personal goals is to expand this section over time.

I’ve published a bunch of other books on the topics of business model innovation and entrepreneurship. So -if interested- please check out the complete list with book reviews over here.

Assessments, Tools and more

In order to set goals and increase your potential it is wise to set a baseline (in time) so you can work on your goals. In addition, assessments and tools increase your self-awareness, so you can work and live more from your strengths, talents and experience.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator Assessment, Big Five Personality Assessment, Game of gifts (Talentenspel) 2.0 from Willem Glaudemans and a couple of other assessments that I’ve done in the past are not covered here (yet).

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Simply never stop learning.

Hopefully my own experience and knowledge covered on this blog can help you speed-up your own process of personal development.

Have fun and let me know what books you are reading and what assessments you’ve conducted that are missing here !