Microsoft Planner – Install as app on Windows 10 with Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Planner on Office 365 is one of the task and planning tools available for enterprise customers with a Microsoft 365 of Office 365 subscription.

Some people complain that it is just available as a web application in the browser. Microsoft Edge could do the trick and close the gap.

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Office Scripts in Excel – Power Automate your Spreadsheet

Office Scripts in Excel is a new feature in Office365 that allows your to Power Automate complex spreadsheet calculations that normally would require a VB script.

Robert Sep, one of the founders of The Qoders Community, shared an update in his LinkedIn feed on Office Scripts that caught my attention.

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Onetastic addin for Microsoft OneNote

Onetastic for OneNote

Onetastic is addin for Microsoft OneNote supercharges your OneNote client with macros that can be downloaded from Macroland, a note overview in OneCalendar, Image Utilities, Custom Styles, Favorites/Shortcuts and much more.

Driver to give Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote  a trie, was the  article “Why I’m Dumping Evernote for OneNote” of Sascha Segan on PCMag. I know Sascha from past Mobius Conferences, when he still was writing for Gear Log.

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