Remo Knops – The guy behind this website

I’m Remo Knops, the guy behind this website. 🙂

About Remo Knops

Most important facts of work- and personal life are structured in a short page below (click in the table of contents links to jump to a specific section).

I wanted to give my personal blog in 2021 more clarity and focus on topics like innovationentrepreneurship and personal development. Therefore a dedicated domain and website where the cycling related product reviews will land is launched. So check out

As for work I’m in the process of planting a new flag and open for new opportunities.

Picture by Noelle Benders who also designed the logo

Work Experience

I currently work in the role of Value Engineer at BMC Software. BMC Software has a cool view on how to evolve and stay competitive in an ever-shifting, disruptive enterprise world: Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

Because more commercial work was needed to drive business unit success in 2020, I transitioned as Business Development Manager. In 2019 I moved into the role of Manager Agile Development to build up a new technology stack and lead a software development team, after I started in the role of product manager/product owner at BCT Enterprise Information Management.

Back in 2018 I switched to a smaller company closer to home, given the birth of my daughter. I’ve worked in the role of  Business/Systems Analyst within Microsoft Consulting Services for about 5  years. I joined Microsoft Netherlands fresh from university back in 2011 in the role of Next Generation Consultant. So that brings my Microsoft work experience to a total of 7+ years.

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI and everything Data Analytics keeps me energized, especially when data science can be combined with a business- and process knowledge. Business Model Innovation, Operating Model Canvas and Process Model Innovation is essential to move forward and keep improving continuously.

Additional professional information can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


I’ve studied a little while … Mechanical Engineering, with specialization design engineer at Hogeschool Zuyd, Innovation Management at Eindhoven University of Technology and Business Administration, with specialization Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente.

Training, Workshops and Business Courses

I like to keep learning and broadening my knowledge.

Remo Knops on Kuthai, Otztahl

Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and interests of Remo Knops are grouped in a few logical categories

Smart- and Mobile Technology

In 2007 I got invited in by Microsoft to join the invite-only Mobius group (a kind of Most Valuable Professional program for journalists).

I was part of the moderator team of (former Pocket PC Club).I teamed-up with close friends at the beginning of 2009, which resulted in a very successful re-launch of MobilityMinded and slightly later the same team launched a Dutch Windows Phone 7 community, currently (re)named

I still like to publish a software review now and then … 🙂


In my free time you might catch me riding on my road bike with Tourclub Kerkrade. I was a member of the executive committee of Tourclub Kerkrade over a period of 10 yours.

As of 31-05-2021 I’ve launched my latest WordPress project A dedicated domain and website where a the cycling related product reviews will be published. This also means migration of the cycling product review content of my personal blog.

The goal of this transition is to give my personal blog more clarity and focus on topics like innovation, entrepreneurship and personal development.

A lot of modern technology is quickly adopted into sports and training (also a lot of analytics), so this is a highly interesting area that I keep an eye on.


I like to capture precious moments in life,  using my Canon EOS 40d.  I also use it to take pictures and write some reviews about products and services that I like on this blog. I recently added a Canon EOS M3 to the camera collection, to shoot some videos as well. 🙂


I’m an active member of a small cooking club called “Giro di Amici” (circle of friends), who cook together about 6 times a year under supervision of an experienced chef.  Finally I’m an active member of “1ste Kirchröadsjer HerreSitzungsVerain” which is a carnival club, to keep some of the precious local culture and festivities alive.

When I have some time left I will read a book on the couch about business, personal development, innovation or cycling. You can find a list with book reviews on this page.

Don’t forget to with me connect via one of the social media networks or share your important opinions, comments and suggestions via the contact form.

Have a wonderful day !

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