Onetastic addin for Microsoft OneNote

Onetastic for OneNote

Onetastic is addin for Microsoft OneNote supercharges your OneNote client with macros that can be downloaded from Macroland, a note overview in OneCalendar, Image Utilities, Custom Styles, Favorites/Shortcuts and much more.

Driver to give Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote  a trie, was the  article “Why I’m Dumping Evernote for OneNote” of Sascha Segan on PCMag. I know Sascha from past Mobius Conferences, when he still was writing for Gear Log.

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Evernote PDF Search – New Premium Feature

I’m using Evernote software on multiple platforms since the early start a little more than a year ago, because one of the limitations of Microsoft Exchange Activesync is the ability to synchronize notes directly over the air to your Windows Phone.  “Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find … Read more