CEMA Bearing Bottom Bracket Replacement Tool

CEMA Bearing - SRC-TT-B006C

Replacing bottom bracket bearings and -cups is easy, when you have the right tools. CEMA Bearing Professional Bearing Replacement Tool, with type number SRC-TT-B006C, is in my opinion the best solution currently available. In this article I will reason why and explain the steps I’ve followed to install a new Bottom Bracket with ceramic bearings.

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C-Bear Bottom Bracket for BB86/BB92

C-Bear Bottom Bracket for BB86-BB92 150px

C-Bear is the official sponsor of the Lotto Soudal cycling Team since 2009, providing riders like Andre Greipel and Thomas De Gendt with ceramic bottom brackets and -derailleur pulleys. If a C-Bear bottom bracket is good enough to withstand the Gorilla’s power peaks during sprints, than it is certainly good enough for me.

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