Microsoft Docs – Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps + Facebook > Google Docs ?

Last week Facebook announced the release of Microsoft Docs -a collaborative project of Microsoft and Facebook- during the Facebook F8 conference. In addition to the Microsoft Docs introduction of Lili Cheng, General Manager of FUSE Labs, you can read the following description of Microsoft Docs on the Fuse Labs website:  “Discover. Create. Share. Now you can discover, … Read more

Exnovate – The Network of Excellence on Open & Collaborative Innovation

In this short article I would like to bring Exnovate, the highly interesting Network of Excellence on Open & Collaborative Innovation, to your attention. Back in 2008 I was fortunate to attend the fith European Masterclass on Corporate Entrepeneurship & Open Innovation with Henry Chesbrough & Kenneth Morse, where I first experienced the importance of the “business model”. … Read more

Project Natal for Xbox 360 – A Controller Free Gaming Experience

Last year I attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but unfortunately I do need to miss one of the best technology shows on the planet this year. Since I’m passionate about Windows Phones and other Microsoft products I didn’t want to miss the Microsoft CES 2010  keynote with Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach. … Read more

European Masterclass on Corporate Entrepeneurship & Open Innovation with Henry Chesbrough & Kenneth Morse

A little more than a week ago, from November 24th – November 28th, I attended the much anticipated fifth European Masterclass on Corporate Entrepeneurship and Open Innovation organized by  Ronald Wolf (Philips) and Wim Vanhaverbeke (Hasselt University). The beautiful main location was the Conference Hotel Willibrordhaeghe in Deurne (Netherlands), while some sessions took place at the Philips High Tech Campus (Eindhoven). … Read more

OPEN DISCUSSION: IEEE Event on Open Innovation (Veldhoven)

“On Friday 24 and Saturday 25 October 2008 the IEEE Technology Management Councils of the IEEE Benelux and Germany Sections, the IEEE Benelux and Germany GOLD Affinity Groups and the IEEE Student Branch Eindhoven will organize an event on Open Innovation in the NH Conference Centre Koningshof in Veldhoven” [ref01] My attention to this event … Read more

Open Innovation Masterclass with Professor Frank Piller @ Webster University (Amsterdam)

On 23rd of October 2008, the company called Dutch organized a masterclass on the topic of Open Innovation. Based on the resume and some smart and innovative questions, 25 students were selected to join the masterclass from professor Piller. Luckily I survived the selection process, and I was really excited to see if the professor … Read more