Visio Online in Microsoft 365 – An overview

In this article I will share my first experiences with Visio Online in my Microsoft 365 E1 subscription. To be more specific it is a basic lightweight version that works as a webapp in your Microsoft Edge Chromium (or any other) browser.

Furthermore I will briefly share how I got this basic version enabled, as well as my overall thoughts after some initial testing.

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Office Scripts in Excel – Power Automate your Spreadsheet

Office Scripts in Excel is a new feature in Office365 that allows your to Power Automate complex spreadsheet calculations that normally would require a VB script.

Robert Sep, one of the founders of The Qoders Community, shared an update in his LinkedIn feed on Office Scripts that caught my attention.

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Transform Data by Example for Microsoft Excel

Transform Data by Example is a COM Add-in for Microsoft Excel that integrates in the Microsoft Office Ribbon. Transform Data by Example is an Excel add-in that helps you find the desired transformation function for your data wrangling task easily.

Transform Data by Example is a Microsoft Garage Project.

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