BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers for KMC Missing Link

BBB LinkFix BTL-77 pliers are the ideal tool to open and close KMC Missing Link on your Shimano, KMC or SRAM chain. The plier design offers a dual function for both opening and closing a KMC Missing Link. Competitive products offer only a single function and are more expensive options.

In this article I will briefly look at the design and sharing my practical experiences when working with a gold KMC X11 EL chain (the version with a KMC titanium-nitride finish).

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Topeak Nano TorqBit for TorqBar

The Topeak Nano TorqBit is a 1/4″ hex bit with a fixed preset torque value that you can use with each bit holder and each bit. I personally use it in combination with the Fix It Sticks T-Way wrench that I reviewed a little while ago, but it also comes in a set called the Topeak Nano TorqBar.

I will also compare the Topeak Nano TorqBit against the Ritchey Torque Key which also has a fixed preset torque value.

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