Correctbook whiteboard notebook – Supports illiteracy in Africa

In this article I will review a Correctbook whiteboard notebook in A4 paper size and with blanc pages. Furthermore I will do a brief comparison with the Bambook that I’ve reviewed a little while ago, and share the story behind the Correctbook.

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Design of the whiteboard notebook

Although working in a digital world I sometimes need a pen and a piece of paper to order thoughts, capture ideas and structure information.

I’ve ordered a navy blue Correctbook in papersize A4 with blanc pages (the only other option was ruled page-design). A4 is also the perfect paper size to make drawings or (process)schemes.

Under the Correctbook logo you can read the brand promise “endless writing for everyone”. Perfectly aligned with the logo you see a pen loop, in similar concept as the Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop.

On the inside of the front cover you will find some user tips. On the inside of the backcover you see the Correctbook in action in Africa (with the story below the picture).

There is no iron ringbinder that keeps the 20 double sides together, but 11 plastic rings with a T-shaped profile that locks the pages in place. The plastic rings allow you to rotate the pages 360 degrees, and allowing me to easy work in portrait and landscape mode.


Correctbook PDF Scan App Android & iOS

The Correctbook PDF Scan App is a companion app that helps you digitizing the notes from your notebook and share them with others. This PDF Scan App utilizes the camera from your smartphone to take a picture from the note page and transform it into a PDF file.  Look and feel-wise it has a lot of similarities with the Bambook app, and according to the PDF Scan App you can:

  1. Scan;
  2. Use Filters;
  3. Manage notes and tabs;;
  4. Share scans with the cloud;

The app is available in the Google Play store for Android and the Apple Store for the iOS version.

Being a Microsoft fanboy, I still prefer the use of Microsoft Office Lens.

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Bambook – Correctbook Comparison

A little while ago I’ve received a customized Bambook during an IIBA event. The Bambook was a customized A5 hardcover version with mixed blanc- and rulled pages. Please find below the differences that I’ve noticed:

  • Bambook has a black rectangular on the edge of all pages, so that the companion app can easier snap a picture. Correctbook doesn’t have these black rectangulars;
  • Bambook has an iron ring binder in the back, while the Correctbook has plastic T-shaped rings in the back of the notebook. The plastic rings of the Correctbook have a larger diameter;

Correctbook whiteboard notebook 8449

  • Correctbook seems to come with 20 double sided pages, a customized Bambook also comes with 20 double sided pages;
  • Bambook offers both hardcover for A4 and A5 and softcover versions for all sizes. Correctbook just has a hardcover premium version for A5 papersize notebook, with just ruled pages;
  • Bambook offers more page customization options (dotted, ruled, music, etc.) for all papersizes, while Correctbook just offers blanc and ruled pages with no customization options;

Update 19-02-2020

While the Correctbook comes with blanc or ruled pages, it is possible to further customize the Correctbook with sets of extra pages in Plain, Lined, Grid, Dotted Grid, To-Do List (A4 & A5) and Week Planner (A5). The Correctbook® Unbind & Click Binder easily allows you to add/remove the pages. 🙂

Another cool addition are the Correctbook tabs, that come in a set of four. Again the Correctbook Unbind & Click Binder is key to use this.

  • Both Bambook and Correctbook support social responsible initiatives. Bambook fights de-forresting and planting trees, while Correctbook fights illiteracy and supporting primary schools in Africa;

You can’t go wrong with either of the whiteboard notebooks and it is  a matter of personal preference given similar price-points.

Correctbook whiteboard notebook 8446

The Story of Correctbook

“Correctbook is a social enterprise battling against illiteracy in developing countries. 800 million people above the age of 15 are illiterate in this world. 250 million children are going to school every day without pen and paper. Correctbook battles against illiteracy by producing endless reusable writing materials. Every Correctbook we sell enables us to provide one child in Africa with Correctbook writing material for one trimester.

Correctbook has also a social responsible cause that they support with their products. The company supports childeren in Africa and the topic of illiteracy, while Bambook plants a tree for each purchased Bambook.

With purchasing a whiteboard notebook, you will contribute to minimize paper waste.

If such a purchase can support another good cause is even a greater win (and could be seen as a double contribution to the world). 🙂

Correctbook whiteboard notebook 8447

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

You can’t go wrong with purchasing a whiteboard notebook from Correctbook.

I’ve purchased the Navy Blue A4 version with blanc pages for a price of € 20,– which is reasonably fair. A Steadler Lumocolor correctable pen is included and the Correctbook PDF Scan App is of course free of charge.

With your purchase you support a social responsible goal so will you buy one yourself ?




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