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In this article I will have a look at the Business Analysis Canvas – a tool developed by Jason Kelly. The BA Canvas combines my past experience as a Business / Systems Analyst at Microsoft Consulting Service with my knowledge of the Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and the Business Model Generation Handbook.

I still follow interesting topics and knowledge items when it comes to business analysis, and that’s where a couple of BA Times articles came into my cross-hairs.

Business Analysis Canvas - Jason Kelly - ascio Consultancy

Business Analysis Canvas – 8 Building Blocks

The Business Analysis Canvas consists of 8 building blocks (listed below).

The building blocks are already familiar when you are working as a Business Analyst or Project Manager.  In the BA Times article: “Business Analysis Canvas, Roadmap To Effective BA Excellence.” you can read questions per building block as well as  additional contextual information.

  1. Project Objective
  2. Stakeholder
  3. Deliverables;
  4. Impact to Operating Model
  5. Communication Approach
  6. Responsibilities
  7. Scheduling
  8. Key Dates

Personally I’ve found building block 4 “Impact to Operating Model” the most interesting one. Simply because of the Operating Model Canvas book review and my personal interest in how companies “run their business”.

Jason Kelly and ascio Consultancy

Jason Kelly has developed the Business Analysis Canvas as part of his consultancy work as founder of ascio consultancy (a Canadian Consultancy firm based in Vancouver). Furthermore Jason Kelly is a well known member of the IIBA International Vancouver chapter and has an impressive- and extensive track record in Business Analysis.

Business Analysis Canvas Playbook Screenshot - Jason Kelly - ascio Consultancy

Business Analysis Canvas Downloads

In the BA Times article there is a paragraph with a reference to additional downloads and the highly advisable BA Canvas Playbook.

“You can explore more of the BA Canvas by downloading CANVAS templates, tools, PowerPoint slide decks and additional information from

Just like the Design a Better Business Toolbox it is awesome to have list with additional downloads for use and further reading.

  • Canvas – Business Analysis Canvas Spreadsheet
  • Canvas – Printable Canvas 11 x 17
  • Canvas – Section – Deliverables – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Stakeholders – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Project Objectives – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Target Operating Model – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Communication Approach – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Scheduling – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Key Dates – Powerpoint
  • Canvas – Section – Responsibilities – Powerpoint
  • General – Business Analysis Presentation Power pack
  • General – Business Analysis Presentation Template

Take advantage of the reference materials to develop a better understanding of the Business Analysis Canvas (and its background).

Business Analysis Canvas - The Ultimate Enterprise Architecture - LN Mishra

Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis (Canvas)

While doing some research on the Business Analysis Canvas I found another BA Times article: “Business Analysis Canvas – The Ultimate Enterprise Architecture” by LN Mishra.

Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture have a lot of similarities, despite the fact that these might look like completely different professions. I recall the Dutch IIBA knowledge session that compared Business Analysis and Enterprise Architecture with cats and dogs. 

While it is a different type of BA Canvas as the ascio / Jason Kelly version it is an interesting additional reference.


Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Since the publication of the Business Model Generation Handbook based upon Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas I’ve seen variations of the canvas.

  • For example the in the book Business Model You! you can see a Personal Business Model Canvas;
  • In the book Operating Model Canvas you can see a different variation with a more Operating Model focus;
  • Another variation is the Process Model Canvas, that probably has the most similarities with the Business Analysis Canvas described in this article.

Personally I see any canvas as a visual tool, that helps you structure complex information in a simple way. It helps you see relations between building blocks and catalyzes discussion with subject matter experts and stakeholders.

Copyright notice

“Please note the Business Analysis Canvas is copyright protected to ascio and its co-founder Jason Kelly. You are able to use freely, but cannot charge for any information contained on this website or its downloads.”





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