Morgan Blue Chain Keeper review

The Morgan Blue Chain Keeper is one of the tools that I use, when cleaning and maintaining my road bike. The Morgan Blue Chain Keeper is also very handy when you put your bike in the back of your car (without the wheels).

The design of the Morgan Blue Chain Keeper is monkey-proof and simply works.

Morgan Blue Chain Keeper 8090

Morgan Blue Chain Keeper Design

In the picture below you see an exploded view of the Morgan Blue Chain Keeper. It simply is a bolt, where the square head perfectly locks the bolt in position, so you can turn the wing nut and clamp the chain keep tool on your frame-set.

The blue plastic pulley has a groove, which allows you to rotate the chain for cleaning or other adjustments. This plastic washer has a groove for a metal washer as well, so the wing nut cannot damage the pulley.

“The MB chain cleaner is simple, low cost and perfectly effective. It simply uses a plastic pulley that secures to the frame with a galvanized bolt and wing nut.”

My mechanical design teachers always said keep it simple, and that’s what Morgan Blue did. But it is the best chain keeper I’ve used so far.

Morgan Blue Chain Keeper 8095

Morgan Blue Chain Keeper for Thru Axle

With disc brakes quickly claiming claiming ground in the professional peloton and also hobby cyclists throughout the world a new version of the chain keeper was inevitable.

A prototype version of the Thru Axle chain keeper was tested in collaboration with professional cycling teams Team Katusha and Quick-Step Floors during the 2017 Tour de France.

Again the design is very simple where you simply slide the chain keeper pulley over the axle of your disc wheels. This time the pulley is in orange, but very similar to the shape of blue pulley of the normal version above.

Morgan Blue Chain Keeper 8089

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The Morgan Blue Chain Keeper is considered one of the originals in this category of products. The simple and monkey-proof design, combined with a low price-point makes this a must have item in your tool box.

The price-point is around € 6,00 (for example here at

If you’ve made the switch to disc-brakes (with the thru axle design), than Morgan Blue has got you covered as well. The thru axle version is also available for a price point of € 6,50 without the axle. Available here at

You can’t go wrong with this tool, but if you would like to check-out some competition please read the CyclingTips review of best chain keepers over here.

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