pOcpac Neck Tube – Buff Alternative

pOcpac Neck Tube is a multi functional neck scarf that can be used in 10 different ways. The functionality is comparable to the well known Buff products. In other words it is a solid Buff alternative for a good price.

The pOcpac Neck Tube has a cool unique design from John McFaul and was limited available. I have been using the neck tube both on and off the bike, and I will briefly share my experiences.

pOcpac Neck Tube – Buff Alternative 7767

pOcpac Neck Tube

On the pOcpac website you can read the following product description:

“Maintain your correct temperature with one of our new neck tubes. Just like the four-letter word “starting with b ending in f ” that we can’t mention for legal reasons. This is the first in our limited collection designed exclusively for us by well known cycling buff and designer John McFaul. Just 200 so when they’re gone they’re gone. 100% polyester microfiber multi-functional seamless wear. Perfect to add a slash of color to that achingly cool black cycling kit.”

pOcpac Neck Tube – Buff Alternative - Configuration

The cool design of the pOcpac Neck Tube immediately caught my attention. This Buff alternative would be complementary to the all black Buff that I already own. Both on and off the bike the Neck Tube keeps the wind out of the neck area. The used material is comfortable to wear, pretty thin but certainly not to thin. After a month use and a couple of times ending up in the washing machine, it still looks brand new.

Just as the Buff neck warmers you can use the pOcpac Neck Tube in a wide variety of ways. The picture above shows you these different options from neck-warmer, to hat or headband. Personally I just use it as a scarf or neck warmer.

pOcpac Neck Tube – Buff Alternative 7765

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

Since my review of OneLife iD version of the pOcpac iPac 3X and the swift delivery I noticed some other cool products on the website.

For the price-point of 5,- pounds you have an excellent Buff alternative for a good price. Actually the pOcpac Neck Tube  has a substantial cheaper price point than the Buff neck warmers.

Not sure how many Neck Tubes pOcpac still has in stock of its limited edition, so please check out their website.

A Buff or the pOcpac Neck Tube is a must have accessory for the autumn and winter months. And as I said … I use them both on and off the bike.


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