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Business Analysis Wisdom is the latest book from Mark J. Owen, a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) that I know through the Dutch IIBA Chapter. Mark is the owner of MJO-DigitalInfo and has a history in Enterprise Information Management and Business Analysis.

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Business Analysis Wisdom – Book Structure

The Business Analysis Wisdom is not a typical book with scientific models, tools and consulting best practices. The eBook is about “Gems of Business Analysis Wisdom presented beautifully, Collated, Compiled and Composed by Mark Owen.” 

That being said the book structure mainly consists of gems of BA Wisdom, combined with very well chosen and powerful visuals that make them really stick. However the following areas of the Business Analysis profession are covered. In the latter part of the eBook these gems of Business Analysis Wisdom are grouped per categories below.

  • Agile;
  • Analysis and Design;
  • Collaboration Decision Analysis;
  • Elicitation;
  • Evaluation;
  • Fundamentals;
  • Planning and Monitoring;
  • Requirements;
  • Strategy Analysis;

In addition Mark J. Owen provided credits and references to the Gems Author’s work as well as the photographs and images used. So you can see that this compendium is carefully and thoughtfully done.

Mark J. Owen - Business Analysis Wisdom eBook 210

Business Analysis Wisdom – Examples

I have shared a few of the Gems of BA Wisdom together with the carefully selected graphics from Mark. So these should give you an idea how this eBooks looks and feels.

“Value is what customers want or need, and are willing and able to pay for.“ — Thomas Pyzdek

In the article “A bit of Business Analysis Wisdom from Thomas Pyzdek” you can read the context and background on how this gem of Business Analysis Wisdom got into the book.

“We know that functional requirements are important. Try leaving out necessary functions and see how long it takes for users to complain.” — Roxanne E. Miller

In the article “Nonfunctional Requirements Wisdom – Roxanne Miller” you can read the context and background on how this gem of Business Analysis Wisdom got into the book.

Mark J. Owen - Business Analysis Wisdom eBook 212


Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

“Please enjoy this beautiful compendium. It is with much care, thought and patience, that I have put it together. — Mark”

Well Mark, I really enjoyed going through the compendium, and the combination of Business Analysis Wisdom and carefully selected graphics really makes it stick.

You can order the eBook Business Analysis Wisdom eBook via Mark’s blog for the price-point of $ 6,99. While it is not a typical Business Analysis book it is certainly valuable and the price-point is reasonable.

Mark J. Owen is currently working on a hardcopy/paperback version of the book available through Amazon.

What do you think of this book and its structure ?

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A hard-copy version of Business Analysis Wisdom from Mark J. Owen is available via Amazon or CreateSpace,




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  1. Thank you so much, Remo.

    Really appreciate the time you took to have a look at my book.

    Lots of people said that my ebook would really work as a hard physical copy. This is finally also available!

    Many thanks

    • Hi Mark,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Much appreciated !

      Yes I think a hard copy of the book is certainly valuable.
      Reflection, knowledge sharing or simply presenting Business Analysis topics is when your book helps to stick topics in someones brain. 🙂

      I will update the post with the Amazon link to the Business Analysis Wisdom hard copy.
      Keep up the good work.

      // Remo

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