Waterfield Micro Wallet review

Waterfield Micro Wallet is the latest product from San Fransisco based sfbags that I’ve purchased. It is a durable and compact wallet ideal for cash and cards.

However this wallet can be used in a wide variety of usage scenario’s and is even part of the Waterfield Cycling Ride Pouch. In this article I will have a look at the design and used materials.

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Waterfield Micro Wallet Design

“Waterfield Micro nylon wallet is just what you need to hold a gaggle of credit cards, a wad of cash and/ or a house or car key. It fits neatly into a shirt, coat or pants pocket when all that is called for are the basics. Zippered shut for security, this handy little pouch might be just the ticket for your simple evenings out, your long bike rides, or just about any other quick excursion. Simplicity at its finest.”

The dimensions of the Micro Wallet measure 11.43 cm x 7.62 cm. The material used for the Micro Wallet is ballistic nylon, which is normally used for bulletproof vests. Now it keeps your coins, keys and cards safe.

The design is simple, just a straight “bag” with a nice Waterfield logo stitched on the front-side of the Micro Wallet.

Waterfield Micro Wallet 7654

The YKK locking zippers are the same used as in the Finn Wallet and Finn Access Wallet. As you can see in the pictures there is a rubber protection cover on the zipper end. You can also feel the different zipper-lock-positions when rotating the zipper handle (picture above shows locked position).

All in all the zipper feels very robust and durable, just like the rest of the wallet. However it is not a waterproof version (compared to the Club Cycling Pouch zipper).

Waterfield Micro Wallet 7655

There is no lining sewed in the inside of Waterfield Micro Wallet. So it is the same rough but durable ballistic nylon finish as the exterior of the wallet. In all fairness for the price-point of the Micro Wallet there are already high quality products used and lining might be a bridge to far.


Waterfield Micro Wallet 7656

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

The Waterfield Micro Wallet is a simple but very durable compact wallet, that can be used for a wide variety of usage scenarios. No matter if you use it to store cards, keys and cash or your in-ear headphones.

You can get this small wallet for a price-point of $ 15,00 which is more than reasonable for the quality and value you get.

In summary you simply can’t go wrong with the Micro Wallet.

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