KeySmart Extended 2.0 review – Organize your keys and more

KeySmart Extended 2.0 is a patent pending aircraft aluminum, stainless steel premium key holder with laser engraved logo. The KeySmart comes in a base model and an extended model and is made in the USA. I’m using this solution for a few months now and would like to share my thoughts on the Key|Smart product design, as well as the KeySmart accessories.

I have been using the Freekey System to organize my keys since I wrote a review about this product back in 2012. However when adding a Kingston Data Traveler SE9 16GB USB drive and my Yubico Yubikey Nano, the three extra rings on the Freekey System weren’t sufficient to keep everything organized. More important a Yubico Yubikey Standard got damaged by the moving keys. Furthermore I was looking for a premium key holder to which I could quickly attach my car key when finished driving.

KeySmart Extended

Product design KeySmart Extended 2.0

During a shopping afternoon during my summer holidays I ran into Key|Smart Extended 2.0. The rock solid but simple metal design directly triggered the mechanical engineer in me. Is saw screws and the possibility to expand the Key|Smart to my own personal needs.

The Key|Smart Extended 2.0 is available in 8 different colors as well as a titanium version. I purchased a Key|Smart Extended 2.0 in the color grey.

Standard size or Extended KeySmart ?

When looking for a few accessories for the Key|Smart Extended I noticed that there were two sizes available.

“Standard size is suitable for all standard American key sizes.Extended size is suitable for longer keys and international sizes.”

According to the KeySmart sizing PDF the maximum key size for the standard size is 53 mm. while for the Extended Key|Smart keys of up to 80 mm. can be used. While I certainly don’t have an 80 mm key on the Key|Smart I’m happy that I’ve purchased the Key|Smart Extended, the keys simply slide better into each other. 🙂

If you want to see a good comparison between the Standard and Key|Smart Extended please head over the KeySmart review at The Gadgeteer.

KeySmart Extended Assembly

If you understand the concept of bolt and nut, or if you can handle a screwdriver, you can assemble the KeySmart. It only takes a few simple steps and common sense.

  1. Place the front plate with the logo down on the table and with the posts facing up. Screw the expansion posts on the KeySmart if needed;
  2. Start with placing a teflon spacer and add your keys and other items on on the posts. Please make sure that keys teeth face inward and I would recommend to use spacers between keys;;
  3. Make sure each side stacks flush with the top of the post. The (expansion)posts has a fixed height so use the spacers or buy a loop piece or other accessory to fill the gap to the stack height;
  4. Add the back plate of the Key|Smart and secure the screws with a coin or proper screw driver;

I’ve used a teflon spacer between each key. Especially advised to place between a metal key and the Yubico Yubikey with its plastic housing.

On the backside of the “closing”screws you can see a rubber, that’s pushed when you tighten them and keeps everything securely in place. All in all a great attention to detail and excellent design. That’s probably the reason why the KeySmart had patent D705533 and has other patents pending.

KeySmart Extended with Quick DisconnectKeySmart Accessories

Key|Smart also has a clever line of accessories for the Key|Smart key holders. All accessories fit both the standard size and extended version of the Key|Smart.

USB Adapter for Kingston Data Traveler SE9 16GB

I did consult KeySmart Europe based in the Netherlands because I wanted to know if the USB Adapter for the KeySmart would fit my Kingston Data Traveler SE9 USB Drive.  After the fit was confirmed I added this accessory to my shopping cart. It’s a plastic/rubber ring that fits in the hole of the Kingston Data Traveler SE9 and provides a more tight fit on the posts. The price-point is € 4,95 which is fine to always have an USB drive with me on the go.

Quick disconnect

Second accessory is the quick disconnect. It is a double sided hook that I use it to attached my car key to the KeySmart Extended (when finished driving). I have my most important keys together, without the hassle of messing up the dashboard of my car.The spring in the hook-clips is strong an the width is well chosen to perfectly fit the loop piece of the Key|Smart.

The price-point is € 4,95 which is slightly on the expensive side, but I use it every day and it works perfectly. A good investment. 🙂

KeySmart Quick Disconnect


The KeySmart Quick Disconnect for KeySmart Extended has an improved design. It now has a locking mechanism (black rotating part in the middle) to prevent unwanted disconnects. Personally I didn’t have any unwanted disconnects in the old design. The KeySmart Quick Disconnect is officially the SBiner Microlock developed by Nite Ize.

Bottle Opener

The bottle opener is just a fun accessory for the KeySmart Extended.

Due to the use of the Kingston Data Traveler SE9 and Yubico Yubikey which don’t have the width of a standard key, I needed to puzzle a little with how to build up the KeySmart. First I bought a second Expansion pack, and figured out the layout of the keys, keeping in mind that I could add two more keys in the future. The result was that I needed an accessory to claim some of the post height of the KeySmart, so I opted for the bottle opener (which might be helpful during summer).

Cool thing is that the backside of the bottle opener is a loop piece, so you buy two accessories in one. This is the loop piece that I mainly use to connect my car key. When the bottle opener is folded in, the loop piece sticks out.  The price-point for the bottle opener is again € 4,95.

Expansion Pack

The expansion pack is a must have when you start to puzzle with accessories that don’t have a standard key height. The expansion pack contains Teflon spacers and two expansion posts with inner and outer thread on each side of the post. Again it is dead simple to screw together with the other posts. 🙂 The price-point for the expansion pack is € 3,00.

KeySmart Extended 2.0 - Package Content

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

I’m using the KeySmart Extended 2.0 for several months now, without any sign of wear or scratches.

It feels like my keys and must have accessories like a USB Drive and Yubikey are more structured and easy to find. It simply works like Swiss army knife and feels as such in your pocket. A friend of mine asked me if I opened the front door with a knife. 🙂

You can personalize the Key|Smart Extended with color plates of accessories of your own personal needs. On one side I of the KeySmart I’ve stacked  around 3 Teflon spacers on each other, but I’m thinking to plan buying a Golf Divot Tool or another loop piece to have a more clean look.

Compared to a split ring the Key|Smart Extended might look expensive with a price point of € 19,95. However it feels more high quality, is more functional, more versatile than any other premium key holder that I’ve seen. 

Buy your KeySmart at KeySmart Europe or directly from the US KeySmart web shop.

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  1. Key|Smart developped a new “rugged” version:

    The original extended version reviewed in this article is pretty rugged and doesn’t show any signs of wear. So no direct need to upgrade, but if you would like to order your first Key|Smart please check out the rugged version.


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