Pokitt Wallet – The Worlds First RFID Friendly Wallet

I decided to test the Pokitt Wallet, because I was looking for a small, lightweight and water resistant wallet, which I could use while riding my road bike.

During a cycling ride I would like to take some cash money, a bankcard , an insurance- and identification card and a key with me. Let’s see if the Pokitt Wallet is perfectly suited for this job in different weather conditions. 🙂

Pokitt is an Ultra Slimline Wallet moulded from a soft & flexible Polymer material. The Pokitt Wallet measures only 12.5 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm. Pokitt contains room for only the bare essentials you need & when you do not want to carry a bulging purse or wallet.”

The latter part of the description perfectly sounds what I’m looking for.

Pokitt Wallet – Product Design

Let’s have a thorough look at the product design of the Pokitt Wallet. In the picture above you can see that the Pokitt Wallet consists of two parts that are closed with a a clasp that has been sunk in the surface of the Pokitt Wallet. This makes the overall outer surface very smooth and clean.

When you open the Pokitt Wallet you can see both parts of the product. In the left part you can see www.pokitt.com molded into the product. Furthermore you can see four blobs in the left part and four holes in the right part of the Pokitt Wallet. These blobs will hold both parts together when you close the Pokitt Wallet.

Pokitt Wallet in my cycling jersey

Like I wrote in the introduction I was looking for a small, lightweight and water resistant wallet to put in one of the back pockets of my cycling jersey. In the picture above you can see that I’ve inserted two plastic cards. The shape of the Pokitt Wallet internals and the used polymer material will hold the plastic cards perfectly in place.

I’ve put some cash money and a spare key on top of it and closed the Pokitt Wallet.

In the picture above you can see a closed Pokitt Wallet. In this side view of the Pokitt Wallet you will directly notice the slit between the upper and bottom part of the wallet. At the position of the green arrow you see the surface of my key.

When you shake the Pokitt Wallet in a vertical position the key or coin money will drop out of the wallet. When you are taking a break during a bike ride you don’t want to drop a key or money when you take the Pokitt Wallet from the back pocket of your cycling jersey.

The Pokitt Wallet design isn’t water resistant as well, because of the slit between the two parts of the wallet. So don’t put paper money in it on a rainy bike ride. 🙂

Concluding thoughts and wrap-up

I really like the small form factor of the Pokitt Wallet, while the used polymer material makes it really comfortable to hold. The Pokitt Wallet is perfectly suited for holding plastic cards (at least two), however I personally don’t trust to put a key or coin money in it without putting an elastic band over the Pokitt Wallet (in order to push both parts stronger together).

The polymer material is RFID friendly which makes the Pokitt Wallet perfectly suited to hold your public transport cards. You wouldn’t need to open the Pokitt Wallet to check-in and check-out of the public transport with your OV chipkaart (= public transport card).

You can buy a Pokitt Wallet for that purpose from the Pokitt website for the price point of € 16,– !

Unfortunately the Pokitt Wallet doesn’t meet my needs for the cycling scenario, however it is a great companion for holding public transportation and paper business cards.

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