Mixed Minds Business Course – Ready to Challenge Microsoft Netherlands ?

If you are connected with me on LinkedIn, you probably know that I’m working at Microsoft Netherlands in the role of Next Generation Consultant (within Microsoft Services). It has been a very exciting rollercoaster ride so far, and keep in mind that Microsoft Netherlands won the Great Place to Work award for the third year in a row.

Are you a talented student in the final phase of your study ? Are you creative and passionate about technology and ready to challenge the status quo ? If these are descriptions that suite you will, don’t hesitate and enroll for the Mixed Minds Business Course on September 29th 2011.


Mixed Minds Business Course

The Mixed Minds Business Course would be a great moment to start your journey within Microsoft Netherlands.

It will be a lot of fun, with various activities (for example a great social media session with Joris Coppes) that let you explore the entrepreneurial Microsoft culture. You will have the time to talk to Microsoft employees (and their daily occurences), feel the New World of Work office environment and have a sneak peak at innovative technology.

Furthermore you will be working with other tallented students on realistic business cases about:

  • Windows Phone 7

Check-out the Mixed Minds Facebook page and drop a comment there ! You can find more information about the traineeships on the Microsoft NL website.

Interested ? Send your resume to mixedminds@microsoft.com and share your motivation in an original / creative way (and use your current view of Microsoft)

Hope to see you on the 29th of September, and have a cup of coffee ! 🙂

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