Xobni: More than just organizing your e-mail

Xobni is the word inbox backwards spelled, and as you can guess it’s a powerful plugin for Microsoft Outlook. While it has been in a private beta for quite some time, now (= a few weeks) is this plugin available in a public beta.

After installing the plugin an additional pane is added to your Microsoft Outlook. If you click on an e-mail a profile overview of the sender is shown. The overview provides the e-mail history as well as the incomming and outgoing number of e-mails and the calculated ratio. Xobni extracts contact info, like a phone number from the e-mails and adds this to the persons profile.

Furthermore it keeps a history of the send and received e-mails and shows them in a threaded format. This option makes it easy to read back the conversations you had during the e-mail traffic. Finally Xobni also extracts the exchanged files, and shows them in a list. On the top of the pane, a purple searchbox is found, so you can really quickly search through your e-mails and profiles.

Although a significant amount of statistics is build into this software, I really don’t have the feeling that it kills your resources. Since the software is currently in a private beta, additional changes and improvements can be expected.

Bill Gates called Xobni the next generation of social networking [ref01]

To reach this end goal some additional work needs to be done, however I think a minor social networking component is added to your Microsoft Outlook. Currently Xobni is working really hard to bring this plugin to other e-mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. For searching your e-mails and exchanged files really fast Xobni is THE tool to use. So Lookout for Xobni !!!

The crunchbase link in the reference list provides additional company information, which I would really recommend.

Reference list:

  1. Xobni Homepage
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  3. Xobni article on www.pocketinfo.nl (Dutch)
  4. Xobni Demo Video (youtube)
  5. Windows Search website

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