MWC 2009: HTC announces a new signal wave: HTC Touch Pro 2

While I wrote earlier about the announcement of the HTC Touch Diamond2, HTC also announced another flagship device: The HTC Touch Pro2, a real powerhouse with a full QWERTY hardware keyboard. "Designed for business professionals, the HTC Touch Pro2 is architected with distinct style and strength while delivering the most powerful productivity experience available on a mobile phone" [ref01] If I have a look a the current HTC Touch Pro, this is also true. HTC has packed the HTC Advatage … [Read more...]

MWC 2009: HTC announces a new signal wave: HTC Touch Diamond 2

Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona HTC has announced two new flagship mobile devices running the Windows Mobile Platform, of which one is the HTC Touch Diamond 2. Below you can read how Peter Chou, president and CEO of HTC summarizes the launch of these new devices. "The HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Touch Diamond2 introduce a mobile communication experience that simplifies how we communicate with people in our lives whether through voice, text or email,” said Peter Chou, president and … [Read more...]

NEW: HTC S740 the smartphone brother of the HTC Touch Pro ? [UPDATED]

Early this morning HTC announced their newest Windows Mobile standard device. The naming, HTC S740, seems to tell it's the further development of the HTC S730.  Design wise, there are also huge visible influences of the HTC Touch Diamond. But let's have a closer look. The most striking difference is the numeric keypad on the front of the device. If the device is slide-ed open, a 4-row full QWERTY keyboard shows its face. With this approach the text input is very versatile and flexible depending … [Read more...]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Treo Pro Windows Mobile Smartphone & Review

Palm officially announced the Palm Treo Pro device, although some training pictures leaked onto the web last week. Will this newest Palm device be an ongoing development of the Palm Treo 750 and the US Palm Treo 800w, or is it something completely new. I've owned the Palm Treo 750 for quite some time, and Palm developed the device from a end-user usability perspective. Since the Palm Treo Pro is just the second Windows Mobile device, I hope Palm continued the line of putting some really nice … [Read more...]