Team Columbia-HTC will ride the 2009 Tour de France under new three-year sponsorship agreement

Road cycling is my favourite sport and being an active cyclist for over 18 years, the excitement is rising because we are two weeks before the start of the Tour de France -the worlds thoughest three week road cylcing race -. Furthermore you can read on the "About Me-page" that mobile technology also has my interest for about 11 years. Today I received a great press release which combines the best of both worlds: "High Road Sports, Inc., the owner of Team Columbia-Highroad and HTC … [Read more...]

PATCH: Microsoft releases hotfix for Windows Mobile 6.1 e-mail issue

For about six weeks ago Matt from Tracey and Matt's Blog, described an smtp problem which in the end would affect all Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.Working on the problem ever since, resulted in an official hotfix which can be downloaded directly HERE at Microsoft. In a very brief summary the problem can be described as the official statement below: This behavior is associated with a feature that is introduced in Windows Mobile 6.1. The feature allows for mobile operators to specify an … [Read more...]

RUMOR: Windows Mobile 6.5 (?) mentioned by Motorola CEO.

Motorola has been in the news quite some times in the last few months. Not only because of the declining sales and financial numbers, but also because of their future device the Motorola Q11 and other developments. PC Magazine had an interview with Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive of Motorola and chief executive of mobile devices. In the interview there are some interesting statements: "Motorola confirmed Thursday that it will eliminate its MOTOMAGX and Symbian platforms in order to focus … [Read more...]

BETA: Opera Mobile 9.5 beta 2 includes widgets

On Windows Mobile devices Opera Mobile is the best choice Internet Browser in my opinion. HTC teamed up with Opera and bundled Opera Mobile 9.5 with their HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro devices. Opera is nicely integrated with the TouchFLO 3D software. For the larger public Opera already has made Opera Mobile 9.5 beta1 available to the public, and that version would expire today. "Opera has built its second Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta based on user-generated feedback following its first … [Read more...]

NEW: HTC’s touch clone-ing (HTC Opal & HTC Touch HD) [UPDATED]

You all probably remember the huge success of the HTC Touch, where actually HTC solf 1 milllion units in 5 months [ref01]. Both de mass consumermarket as well as the business market liked the device because of it's break-through formfactor and TouchFLO interface. This week two new devices leaked to continue the HTC Touch-saga, namely the HTC Opal and the HTC Touch HD. The HTC Opal has a similar casing like its predecessor, but the device has a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM onboard. The other … [Read more...]

STOPPED: Final Issue of Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine

Last week sad news arrived from Hal Golstein, the publisher of Smartphone & PocketPC magazine. After 11  years of hard work, devotion and commitment to the Windows Mobile platform, the magazine will be suspended until further notice. As already introduced the magazine is totally tailored to the Windows Mobile platform, with contributions of many online communities from around the world. Hal Goldstein provides some details around the difficult decision in his blog-post on the magazine's … [Read more...]

NEW: HTC S740 the smartphone brother of the HTC Touch Pro ? [UPDATED]

Early this morning HTC announced their newest Windows Mobile standard device. The naming, HTC S740, seems to tell it's the further development of the HTC S730.  Design wise, there are also huge visible influences of the HTC Touch Diamond. But let's have a closer look. The most striking difference is the numeric keypad on the front of the device. If the device is slide-ed open, a 4-row full QWERTY keyboard shows its face. With this approach the text input is very versatile and flexible depending … [Read more...]

ANNOUNCEMENT: Treo Pro Windows Mobile Smartphone & Review

Palm officially announced the Palm Treo Pro device, although some training pictures leaked onto the web last week. Will this newest Palm device be an ongoing development of the Palm Treo 750 and the US Palm Treo 800w, or is it something completely new. I've owned the Palm Treo 750 for quite some time, and Palm developed the device from a end-user usability perspective. Since the Palm Treo Pro is just the second Windows Mobile device, I hope Palm continued the line of putting some really nice … [Read more...]