PDFtk Pro – Review of an excellent PDF Toolkit

I will review PDFtk Pro, the perfect complement to Foxit PDF Reader, in this article. PDFtk Pro allows users to quickly split, merge, rotate, watermark, stamp and secure PDF files. The PDFtk Pro GUI has a limited number of settings that makes manipulating PDF-files really easy. In my personal opinion it is the Swiss army knife among the PDF Toolkits. … [Read more...]

Bypass Start Screen in Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2

This article describes how to bypass the start screen in Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 and automatically boot to the desktop by default. The Windows 8 Start Screen is an awesome feature for touch enabled (mobile) devices, that allows you to easily navigate the installed apps on your machine. If you are using a non-touch enabled device (a classic laptop or ultrabook) it might be useful to directly boot into the desktop environment. The simple 4-step process below will help you to … [Read more...]

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse review

The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is one of my favorite and most used accessories for my Windows powered notebook. It is a very lightweight mouse, with an excellent battery life, that is perfectly suited for every modern nomad.Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse - A design overview I would like to provide an overview of the product design and highlight the features that I personally like. On the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse product page you can read the following description:"Arc Touch Mouse’s … [Read more...]

Safewallet 3 review – Store passwords in a secure personal vault

In this article I will review SafeWallet 3, an application that stores passwords in a secure vault (so you won't need to memorize all those strong 16 character passwords) and synchronizes those across different laptops and smartphones. It is simply one of those must-have applications that I'll always install, and therefore is SafeWallet (formerly SBSH SafeWallet) listed on the what I use page. SafeWallet has been upgraded recently to version 3, which features a clever and more secure … [Read more...]

Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool review

Microsoft announced the Windows 8 Consumer Preview a few weeks ago at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! The techie in me wants to install it right away to feel the new features and capabilities of Microsoft's new operating system. I've installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from an ISO image (both on physical hardware and on a virtual machine).How to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview from an ISO image ?The easiest way to convert an ISO file to a DVD in Windows 7 is to use … [Read more...]

Waterfield Sleevecase review – Custom build, excellent fit, durable and brilliant customer service !

In this article I will have a closer look at the Waterfield Sleevecase for a Lenovo T61p with an extended 9 cell battery.It will not only be an indepth look at the product and its features, but I will also highlight the pre-sales advice and its underlying process.Waterfield customer pre-sales service The Lenovo T61p is a very robust and reliable machine, that is stall widely used in corporate environments. In my case it is a reliable workhorse for daily work, and with the extended 9 cell … [Read more...]

Endnote X4 – Thomson Reuters’ excellent customer service using an open strategy ?

Last week I published a book review of Open Leadership - How Social Technology Can Transofrm the Way You Lead,  the latest book of Charlene Li.  In this article I will share some personal practical experiences about the use of social technology and some form of open strategy that was in place at the company.    Introduction of EndNote X3 "problem" Since a few years I use Thomson Reuters EndNote to manage my references and easily include these in academic texts and … [Read more...]