Safewallet 3 review – Store passwords in a secure personal vault

SafeWallet 3 Logo 150px

In this article I will review SafeWallet 3, an application that stores passwords in a secure vault (so you won't need to memorize all those strong 16 character passwords) and synchronizes those across different laptops and smartphones. It is simply one of those must-have applications that I'll always install, and therefore is SafeWallet (formerly SBSH SafeWallet) listed on the what I use page. SafeWallet has been upgraded recently to version 3, which features a clever and more secure … [Read more...]

Flare Innovation Impact Matrix

Flare Innovation Logo

A link to the Flare Innovation Impact Matrix was shared by fellow friend Fenno Verdaasdonk. In this article I will describe the Flare Innovation Impact Matrix and try to look at connections with business model generation and corporate effectuation. What or who is Flare Innovation? Flare Innovation is a "collective of experienced innovators and specialists operating in the wider field of innovation and new product development". … [Read more...]

Hoe je goed gevonden wordt (Coppes & Scholte, 2012)

Hoe je goed gevonden wordt - Coppes & Scholte

In this article I will review the book Hoe je goed gevonden wordt - Profileer jezelf met social media", the latest book of Tom Scholte and Joris Coppes.Hoe je goed gevonden wordt / How you are being found well online Scholte & Coppes start the book with building the theoretical basics like the definition of a brand."A brand is a collection of associations that people have with a certain brand."I like the simplicity of the definition, however have a look at Seth Godin's brand … [Read more...]

TouchDevelop – Programming on the go

TouchDevelop Book Programming On The Go 150px

Peter Heldens, Manager Microsoft University Netherlands, has written an article about TouchDevelop a little while ago. Peter is one of the TouchDevelop champions within Microsoft Netherlands, and provided me with the book "TouchDevelop - Programming on the go". In this article I will have a look at the TouchDevelop book and share my opinion and first impressions.What is TouchDevelop?"TouchDevelop is a novel application development environment which allows anyone to script their mobile … [Read more...]

Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 review

Ultimate Ears by Logitech

The Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 in-ear headphones are the successors of the AIAIAI Y-Com in-ear headphones that I've used a few years. I've been testing the Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 headphones for about 3/4 year on a daily basis (mostly when I'm commuting to the office). So this a review based on a significant time frame of use. :) … [Read more...]

Freekey System – Innovating the split-ring key chain

Freekey System Keychain 150px

When I first looked at the design of the Freekey system, I instantly needed to think at the design of a paperclip or mousetrap. The Freekey is a great innovation of the traditional split-ring key chain, which is more natural and easy to use. I simply asked myself: "Why hasn't the Freekey design been out there for decades?"Product Design of the Freekey In the picture above you can see the Freekey system, which is made of stainless steel and has a glass beaded surface with a laser logo. … [Read more...]

pptPlex – Prezi like add-on for PowerPoint 2010

pptPlex Add-in PowerPoint 2010 150px

pptPlex is a Prezi like add-on for PowerPoint 2010, which is a research prototype developed as an exploration of an alternative method of presenting Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides."pptPlex is a Microsoft Office Labs experiment that uses Plex technology to give you the power to zoom in and out of slide sections and move directly between slides that are not sequential in your presentation. This plug-in allows you to arrange slides on a canvas then zoom between the slides during the … [Read more...]

Pokitt Wallet – The Worlds First RFID Friendly Wallet

Pokitt Wallet 150px

I decided to test the Pokitt Wallet, because I was looking for a small, lightweight and water resistant wallet, which I could use while riding my road bike. During a cycling ride I would like to take some cash money, a bankcard , an insurance- and identification card and a key with me. Let's see if the Pokitt Wallet is perfectly suited for this job in different weather conditions. :)"Pokitt is an Ultra Slimline Wallet moulded from a soft & flexible Polymer material. The Pokitt Wallet … [Read more...]