About Remo Knops

Hi, I’m Remo Knops, the guy behind this website. 🙂

Remo Knops in 60 seconds

Given the One Minute Timeslot, I will try to describe myself in 11 bullets.

  1. Got my first own personal computer, an Acorn BBC Micro, back in 1987;
  2. Bought my first mobile phone, a Philips Diga, in 1997 (roughly 10 years after my first pc);
  3. Around 2002 an HP iPAQ 3970 (personal digital assisstant) was added to the club of electronic devices. I started reading on a website Pocket PC Club;
  4. Joined the moderator team of Pocketinfo.nl, which is the successing name of the Pocket PC Club;
  5. Got invited in 2007 by Microsoft to join the invite-only Mobius group;
  6. Teamed-up with close friends at the beginning of 2009, which resulted in a very succesful re-launch of MobilityMinded
  7. Attended the Business Model Innovation Knowledge Fair and Book Launch in 2009. Interested in Business Models and using the Business Model Generation handbook ever since;
  8. Studied a little while …

    • Mechanical Engineering, with specialization design engineer at Hogeschool Zuyd;
    • Innovation Management at Eindhoven University of Technology;
    • Business Administration, with specialization Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente;
  9. Joined Microsoft Netherlands in 2011 in the role of Next Generation Consultant;
  10. In my free time you might catch me riding some cycling classics on my road bike.

Additional professional information can be found on my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to connect via one of the social media networks or share your important opinions, comments and suggestions via the contact form.

Have a wonderful day !



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