Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview – Developers test performance of WP7 applications on “real” phones

Windows Phone 7 development reached an important milestone yesterday, with the release of the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview on  prototype phones from Asus, LG and Samsung !

“Microsoft reached a major milestone with development of Windows Phone 7 and has devices loaded with the Technical Preview that will be sent to thousands of developers.”

Windows Phone 7 (series at that point in time) was first presented to the public during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. The focus of this first chapter in the Windows Phone 7 story was mainly on the new graphical userinterface and the hubs.

Microsoft outlined the second chapter of the Windows Phone 7 story at the MIX 2010 conference, where the more technical details were filled in. I would like to recommend the article “Videos of MIX10 Windows Phone sessions” by Charlie Kindel on the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

The Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview is another chapter in the Windows Phone 7 story, since developers are now able to test the applications they have been building not just in the emulator, but on real prototype devices.


Windows Phone 7 reaches a major Milestone

Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Engineering, published an article on the Windows Phone Blog in which he shares some additional information about the Technical Preview milestone:

“Before release of this milestone, the software has undergone extensive testing – in daily use by more than 1000 people at Microsoft who have been using WP7 as their only phone for the past several months, and the more than 10,000 devices in our test labs. We’ve been testing usability, battery life, network connectivity, and many other metrics for a long time. As a result of that work, I hope you will find the experience to be of surprisingly high quality.”

Furthermore you can read in the Windows Phone Blog article:

“Starting today, thousands of prototype phones from Asus, LG and Samsung are making their way into the hands of developers over the next few weeks. Combine that with the beta release of the Windows Phone developer tools, and I can’t wait to see how our developer partners take advantage of our new approach to smart design and integrated mobile experiences.”

In the context of the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview I highly recommend the exclusive interview of Joshua Topolsky with Joe Belfiore, corporate VP of Windows Phone.



Image used with permission from Engadget article “Windows Phone 7 in-depth preview

Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview coverage of well respected websites

The prototype phones with the Windows Phone Technical Preview have not only been making their way into the hands of developers.

A limited group experts and mobile technology websites received a Samsung -i8910 Omnia HD like- developer phone pre-loaded with the latest Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview as well, and below you can find a comprehensive list with reviews.

Mobius friends’ thoughts and experiences with the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview

Matthew Miller, Joshua Topolsky & Chris Ziegler and Vincent Nguyen have really published some impressive in-depth monster reviews with lost of pictures and video’s. These are certainly worthwhile to read, despite you need to take some time to digg through very insightful reviews.

Other well respected experts put the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview to the test

I was fortunate to meet Paul Thurrott during TechNet_Live last year, where he was a keynote speaker because of the book Windows 7 secrets !!

Paul Thurrott really covers the whole spectrum of Microsoft products and -services from Windows, Office, Windows Live to Xbox and Windows Phone, so it is certainly interesting to read his idea’s and first thoughts.


Overall conclusions and wrap-up

I must admit that I have spent quite some time reading through the reviews and the observations of fellow tech writers and friends. I think each review is worthwhile to read and gives you a great multi-perspective overview of the completely from scratch designed Windows Phone 7 (mobile operating system).

George Ponder, Editor of WMExperts, has summarized the consistent positives, negatives and unknowns throughout the reviews in a nice re-cap of the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview. In general the reviews are very positive, which correlates witth my personal experience with earlier builds of Windows Phone 7, since I have been fortunate to get a close look and feel of Windows Phone 7 during two local Microsoft events:

  1. Charlie Kindel Interview – Discussing Windows Phone 7 @ DevDays 2010;
  2. LG Panther Windows Phone 7 prototype @ Windows Phone Get Together Event, Netherlands and Windows Phone Get Together Event – Microsoft engaging with end-users !

Charlie Kindel  provided me with a “private” Windows Phone 7 demo on the well known Asus prototype. Furthermore I had some hands-on time with the LG Panther prototype about a month ago during the Windows Phone Get Together Event. I concluded that “the LG Panther and Windows Phone 7 felt snappy, responsive and showed fluid motions.”.

If I look back at both times, you can realy feel the ongoing improvement and optimization of the platform. Sometimes it are just some little details that support this reasoning, and remark the comment of Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Engineering about the stability of the Windows Phone 7 Technical Preview.

Combined with more and more awesome (concepts of) Windows Phone 7 applications, it clearly shows that the Microsoft Ecosystem is in the move. I’m definitely very excited towards the upcomming months and the launch of the retail Windows Phone 7 devices.

“I love Windows Phone”

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