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It has been some time since I have written my last article here on my personal blog. A fair question is: “Haven’t you been writing anything ?” The answer is certainly: “No, I have been very busy !” At first together with 3 other friends we have re-launched Second with the rise of social networks much of the discussions are moved from blogging to these social media. In this article I will shortly eleborate on these two reasons.


A significant part of the articles on my personal blog were (Windows) Mobile-related, and I still love writing those articles ! Since -with 3 other friends- we re-launched a little while ago, this is the new “place’ where I publish most of the mobile technology related articles & reviews. Never heard of ?

“MobilityMinded aims to be(come) a true strategic partner in mobility for end-users, manufacturers, providers and developers, but foremost to the readers and contributers to the MobilityMinded website. The MobilityMinded focus will be on Views, News & Reviews in an interactive community setting.” [ref01]

And let me introduce my colleagues as well:

“The MobilityMinded Team now consists of Mark Briggeman, Remo Knops, Johan van Mierlo, Paul Willen and other guest contributers. More information and a brief history of the MobilityMinded Team Members can be found on the Team page.” [ref02]

Below you will find a list of articles and reviews I wrote @ Some of the articles are really extensive and describe much detail. Personally I had much fun writing the articles of Spb Mobile Shell v3.0, Microsoft Facebook client and of course the HTC Snap review (a great successor for the all-time-favourite HTC S620).

For additional background information on the website and a brief history of the mobilityminded-team, you should certainly check out the website, or follow mobilityminded via one of the (social) media below:


Social networks

Everyone who is following developments and trends in technology and ICT knows that social media are becoming increasingly important. An example is the agressive growth in users of the micro-blogging platform Twitter, and the huge investments that Venture Capital firms made into this “start-up”. John Starkweather has described the same movement on his Microsoft Live Space page as below:

“But as everybody reading this already knows (that’s all 20 of you), personal blogs – where somebody rambles on for 500 words – are really not where the action, and definitely not the readers, are spending time. We’re all on Facebook or Twitter now; and for kicks I’ve even started a new MySpace page – as a new personality all together (in the name of marketing research of course!).” [ref03]

Of course the main reason is time. An article or review on a personal blog or website takes quite some time, but you can write into more detail, while the (status) updates on social networks are very short in characters and don’t take much time.  This real-time flow of information on the world wide web has diverse implications, like for instance “searching the web”. This was one of the problems descibe in a reference of the aticle:  Bing a Google search alternative described as decision engine ??

The bottom line is if you want to get in touch, please connect with me via one of the social networks below. Linkedin I use to connect on a professional level, while the other social networks are also for meeting new friends and catch up with old friends! Let’s connect ….

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